About Us

Every wedding is unique; every couple has their own chemistry. We watch the stories magnificent in their glory, unravelling in front of us and serenely capture the breathtaking moments. We capture genuine emotions and spectacular points of view, pictures that go beyond being just pretty, they are meaningful & priceless. We crave the stolen moments of life like the loving glances, soft kisses, shared laughter and joyful tears, in short the relationships between people. The story of union of the families, the spicy drama of the spiffy new outfit, that nanosecond before an expression lights up the groom’s face – we live for all of this! Even though our style is simple our images speak volumes about our subjects, who they are as a person, the relationships they share and the subtle nuances of daily life.

About the Founder - ​Sam Jagdale is our Creative Director and Lead photographer. He is one of those rare and gifted artists, whose sole passion and profession is photography. For him the world is a canvas and camera his brush through which he paints true emotions, personality, and intensity in each of his subjects.He strongly believes that one should always give more and take less.To enhance this skills and master the art precisely he has taken formal training in art and photography. He has a rich experience of capturing the heart-melting moments of numerous couples.

Our team: We are an assortment of globally minded photographers and film-makers who infuse their work with a distinguished contemporary approach to wedding photography. With backgrounds in fine arts, each artist captures the occasion with a unique sensitivity to form, light and style, irrespective of the location. We are expert at Candid pre-wedding shoots, Candid wedding photography, High-end wedding movies, Exotic location shoots, Contemporary wedding photography, Conceptual photography, Destination weddings, NRI Weddings, Maternity Shoot and Proposal Photographing and Filming. In a short span of 4 years we have evolved as a photography brand that treasures its signature style of fresh and compelling imagery for couples and their incredible families.